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The most amazing super hero in the entire universe, way better than Superman, the flash, Batman, Catwoman, Daredevil, The Hulk, The Mask, Jaws, Big Bird, The Three Stooges, The Three Amigos, the Green Lantern, Noobman, Emeril and Dr. phil ... combined. Super Tetelman Man has ever super power that you could ever imagine, and if you were ever to imagine a new one he would then gain that power. He can fly, shoot lasers out of his eyes, breath ice, have atomic farts, play a percet game of bowling ten times in a row, summon captain planet (only to ridicule him about how he is a hippy that is gay with aquaman), breathe anywhere, not need to breath, turn invisible transform into a bucket of mud, water, or any other living or nonliving thing, make annoying dogs stop barking, and everything else, he can even summon the fishes as useless as that power is. The only thing stopping him from saving the world from itself, the sun, asteroids, comets, robots, disease, bad movies(like Superman Returns), global warming, and hat hair is his one weakness that being he is lazy beyond belief. This causes him to use his pwers but in the most lazy way ever. This could include telekenisis to get the remote control, mind control to get pizza, talking to fish to wipe his ass, time control to watch his favorite show and skip the crappy ones(without tivo whic is to expesive for someone to lazy to get a job). The only aspect of Super Tetelman Man that is not lazy is his side kick, Super Teteldog Dog who is not quite as super as Super Teteman Man.
If only Super Tetelman Man was not so lazy he could teleport here and save us from certain doom and destruction.

Super Tetelman Man is so cool I want to grow up just like him
by Angel the wonder dog July 14, 2006
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