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One of the world's most amazing super heros. Along with the super hero partner, Mr. Wonderful, their butler Jeeves, and their super hero teacher, Master Mome, they have saved the world from the likes of a shape shifting alien who just wanted to play the drums, Hitler's Evil Clone, and even the dreaded Jar of Pickled Onions... of Doom. Super Pineapple Man uses pineapples along with psycic powers to protect the world from the evils which threaten it. People say he can make things explode just by looking at them with his eyes. Remember, this is SUPER Pineapple Man, not plain Pineapple Man, there is a difference, mainly copywright Issues.
An example of Super Pineapple Man would be;

Super Pineapple Man.
by Super Pineapple Man June 23, 2006
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