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A very obnoxious 11-year-old racist homophobe who swears and screams so much he could break glass. He does these shitty animation done with MS Paint where his black history teacher gives him in an F and tries to kill him in Minecraft because according to SMK, if you die in Minecraft you die in real life. Later in the series, he meets Steve, Jwm321, and Chica (whom he has a crush on). His main vocabulary is: Minecraft, Diamonds, Fuck, Nigger, Nintendo, Ripoff, Call of Duty, Zelda, Mario, Fnaf, Five Night at Freddy's. If some video he would say the same insults one million times in a row, like in his MLP rant he said poppy face for eternity. He says the dumbest things that even severely thick headed people would say like: Minecraft is the first game ever made, Zelda is a ripoff of Minecraft, Super Smash Bros is a ripoff of Call of Duty, or that Megaman is a ripoff of Halo. Thankfully, in one of his videos it says FlourtownBrown while he is playing Mineplex for the whole video. If you look up FlourtownBrown you find his real channel. He is really 13 and not a retarded raging 11-year-old Minefag dumbass named Michael. According to FlourtownBrown on Reddit, SMK was inspired by Mariotehplummer and SammyClassicSonicFan. He soon retired his trolling by making up a story saying that SMK got grounded and can never make another video again. Someone will take his place eventually.
Guy 1: I saw this raging kid screaming and my ears were fucking bleeding.
Guy 2: He must be autistic.
Guy 1: Don't call him autistic. That would be an insult to all autistic people.
Guy 2: Is this kid Super Minecraft Kid?
Guy 1: Yeah.
Guy 2: Oh, I once jerked of to him while seeing children get rapped and puppies dying.
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Cringeprince of /r/fnafcringe:
A racist, foul-mouthed, homophobic, idiotic 11 (12 now) year old boy from 2015-2016 who says fuck, shit, and nigger a lot, thinks that Minecraft was the first 3D game ever made because of its pixelated visuals, that The Legend of Zelda and My Little Pony are ripoffs of Minecraft because in Zelda, you use a sword and explore, and My Little Pony because he saw a pickaxe in some fanart. He also plays Five Nights at Freddy's and Undertale, has a Windows XP computer pumped full of viruses (Bonzibuddy, desktop strippers, useless toolbars, etc). He made an animated (MSPaint slideshow) series about him wanting to kill his history teacher because he gave him an F. This got him grounded and his first channel deleted.
He even said that his penis is a millimeter long in one of his qna's. He also jacks off to Chica, one of the animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy's.
History Teacher: Please don't kill me, I have a lot to live for. I have a wife and kids.
by Pokedex #184 May 10, 2018
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