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aka Closet Homosexual

When a guy goes around boasting about how great he is and how gay other guys are compared to him, this is known as a super happy fun guy. Also, when a guy tries to tell other guys how gay they are and makes up all sorts of gay fantasies about them, this is known as a super happy fun guy. His fixation on all things gay and homosexual will be glaringly obvious. His narcissistic glorification of his body and obsession with other males' bodies and exercise regimes will creep out everyone, even the "flaming faggots." He will brag about his ability in bed, but his dick pics will be pencil thin. He will claim to adore the female body, but his very vocal fantasies will all be about gay sex. He will loudly and hurriedly deny any inclination towards homosexuality, but nobody will believe him.
"You are a fat boring vanilla bitch and can't even suck a dick right."

"Wow! You sound like a super happy fun guy."

"OMG. This super happy fun guy kept asking my about my nail polish."

"Are you serious?! I thought he said he's straight?"

" Idk but that was pretty gay of him to ask."
by INTJBlackUnicorn July 12, 2017
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