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Sunida is a very exotic, beautiful girl. She loves to smoke weed, have fun with her friends and party. She's short, thick, brown skinned (tan) and has long hair. Her smile lights up a room. her swag is a problem. She has a wild personality funny, intelligent, hard working, loud, loves drama, she'll steal yo man, is short-tempered, caring, giving, unique, aggressive, out spoken and can DANCE. Sunida is such a giving person and if your friends with her she will do almost anything for you. She's the type to hide her feelings and keep them bottled up inside but is one of the strongest people you will meet. she's mysterious and there's a lot of things that people don't know about her. People are quick to judge her and isn't liked by many. Sunida is different then most girls you will ever meet. She doesn't know who she is or what her purpose is, but when she does she will be successful and amazing.
"I wish I was like Sunida"
"Is that Sunida from the book?"
"Sunida's ass is so serious"
"Sunida smokin on that loud pack!"
"Don't get fucked up by Sunida, you don't want those hands"
by AFriend15 December 07, 2012
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