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Sunflash is a Mighty Boosh character portrayed by Noel Fielding. He is seen only in the Future Sailors live tour of 2008 and 2009, when he inturupts Howard Moon's monologue about recycling to introduce himself as "a he-she; a boy-girl; part man, part unicorn"
When the apocolypse struck, he was protected by his Jean-Claude Jaquettie tanning coffin. He and his robot Booblay, played by Rich Fulcher, traversed the galaxy looking for good times before coming to land on Earth. They claim to come "for future fun from a planet called Camden". This is a humourous reference to the town of Camden, where the second and third series of the TV show take place.
Sunflash has written his own version of Howard's play and blackmails Howard into performing in it by threatening to reveal jazz-based pornographic photos of him to the audience.

Sunflash speaks in a Chavese accent of his own creation. He dresses in a gold, gladiator-inspired costume and a white wig (possible the same one worn by Vince Noir in Nanageddon). He firmly believes that fashion can save anyone from a horrible fate and, like Vince, endorses the fictitious French designer Jean-Claude Jaquettie whenever possible.
"I am Sunflash. I am from the future!"
by MotorbikesOfJealousy September 08, 2011
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