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A Sunday Suprise occures when you take a presumed lady out to dinner. The dinner is going well so you decide to slip your hand up her skirt and much to the males suprise the presumed woman is carring a nasty set of hairy balls in her panties.
Gary said, "OMG I was out on a date with Bridgett and I had a fucked up Sunday Suprise to my disliking. I had to slap that Chewbacca looking bitch around!"
by -real March 29, 2009
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Sex involving whipped cream, chocolate syrup, maraschino, and/or ice cream.
Guy #1-I got the sunday suprise last weekend Sara put whipped cream and chocolate syrup on her boobs!!!
Guy #2-Oh man! The sunday suprise? Awesome!
by pwn3r December 13, 2007
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