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sunday river is a ski resort located in Newry Maine near Mt.Abram, it consists of around 120 trails and 14 lifts. Has many fun activities to do during summer as well. Okay now lets talk truth, great mountain not so great conditions. sunday river is quite large so you cant blame em for the conditions problem but overall not too bad. Sunday rivers competition program is run by “Gould” and its very serious uptight program. The kids on the team are kinda bratty, obnoxious, act like they own the place and they are show offs (not all of them). Food is expensive just like all ski resorts but its rlly good! overall not a bad mountain and 6-7/10 would recommend!
person#1: Hey man! wanna go skiing at Sunday River this weekend?
person#2: I just went, conditions were alright but veiws were amazing! im in!
by anxietalgic23 May 13, 2018
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