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A photo album girls put on Facebook that consits of hot and sexy pictures of the girl with their hot and sexy friends in the summertime in their bikinis or half naked in some way. Girls usually put albums like this on Facebook for 1 of 4 (or all) reasons: To make their ex boyfriends jealous and show off the sexyness they are missing out on, they want guys to masterbate to it, they want to show off their bodies because they are proud of them, or they are just sluts and want other guys to see this album and make them horny and call them and fuck them or something that the teenagers are into now-a-days. Alot of guys (such as myself) use this album to masterbate to.
Facebook creeper 1- "Hey bro did you see Alex's summertime album?"

Facebook creeper 2- "Oh hell yeah bro, I beat off so hard to that album. I'm going to do it again tonight."
by Facebook Creeper November 02, 2011
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