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As you look at her dark hair it seems to shimmer. Your eyes are drawn to the fact that her hair is so lengthy, down to her tight ass. Her beautiful face is demanding of attention. Her rose colored lips are pursed in what appears to be mid-kiss. The slight hint of moisture on her lips making them glisten in the light. They seem to call out to you, beckoning you to lean in and press your lips against hers. Her light brown eyes staring back at you as though to pierce your very soul and derive your thoughts and feelings. You can see the different shades of brown streaking through her eyes, making them appear to be alive just as fire does when it moves and flickers. If you ever find yourself to be with a Summer Ross never let her go. She will be a mans last love. She is the one you’re going to always strive to get. Her beautiful caramel skin will never be forgotten. Love her with a passion and have trust in her. She will give you her all to know that you’re happy. Her body that you’re hands once felt will be a memorizing momentum ot. Her voice when she sang to you, will now be the only kind of music you would want to listen too. Her height 5’4 is perfect for you. Love her and have faith, because she is very hard to get.
1-Hey, are you still with Summer Ross?

2- Yes, I’m never letting her go.
1- Good choice, she seems pretty fun!
2- Back off kid, she’s mine.
by Quartario May 16, 2018
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