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The most amazingly attractive, smart, funny and adorable girl that you could ever tend to talk to.
The kind of person you'll be happy you have ever said "Hi" to, anytime.
A girl you would want to not lay your eyes off of for just a second.
Someone that could be stubborn, loving and completely out of one's mind.

You would want to love this girl til' death do you part, and would sacrifice anything of anything, just for the love you would both share.

Someone you would regret hurting, having you feel like nothingness to existence.
Someone you wish you could tell all of your feelings to, but are just too afraid to ruin what great bond and relationship you have now. Hoping you could have a transition with one another, endless.
- Someone to enjoy whomever accompanies their beloved Sumbel
by lToast December 13, 2012
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a sumbel is a supercool chic who seems innocent but is really crazy.she has a tendency to be super smart, and loves drawing owls. she is totally a true blue friend.
Nah... shes a sumbel.
by rittani November 23, 2010
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