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Terrible indigestion caused by bad food; particularly cafeteria eggs. Foul belches, reeking of sulfur, taste and smell as if the emitter had eaten a few handfuls of match heads. Radius of the stench from the emitter ranges anywhere between 20-100 feet, with a dissipation time of about 20-30 minutes (depending on the surrounding environment- longer dissipation time indoors and near fabric). Sulfur Burps works it's way down the digestive tract, resulting in Sulfur Farts, before clearing up over the course of 1-3 days. Sulfur Farts typically occur simultaneously with Sulfur Burps, so the end of this affliction is doubly wretched and embarrassing.
Jane- "I heard Chris burp in the breakroom and now it smells like Hell in there!"

Tom- "Yeah. He came down with a bad case of the Sulfur Burps..."
by Rezinbol January 05, 2008
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