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A mob led by various hoodlums. Such as the guido J-FUCKING-DEE, the Joe McLadiesman, the psycopathic Irish serial killer, the meat-head man lover and the Wise Hairy Beast.

A group of sophisticated and well mannered intellectuals.

A band of savages that bear the irrestible sense of sexual magnetism.
"Which suite are you from? Oh, that sucks.. I'm from Suite 560."

"Shit. Move aside. Suite 560 is coming!"

"Suite 560 killed my dog!"

"Oh my God, Suite 560! Hide your wives, daughters, mothers and sisters!"

"Fuck me, Suite 560! Please!"

"Oh you donated $1,000,000 to charity? How Suite 560 of you!"
by Joe Hawk April 26, 2009
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