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An alcoholic New Zealand based gang attired from legs to head in formal suit wear when clearly the occasion does not call for it. The Suit Syndicate (aka 'The Double S') also tend to accessories with such items as; pimp canes, top hats, SUITcases (briefcases), informal footwear & wigs..

The SS are most well known for harassing young female tourists and backpackers who are visiting NZ. Females in general are unsafe from the gang as they appear at first quite charming and harmless. They are 'karate-good' at the art of mind manipulation for the prize of booty. The SS has spread as far as the UK and is constantly growing.
The SS are very found of the sport of lawn bowling. They are full time members of the Ponsonby bowling club.

Main headquarters: Carparts

Founding members include; Yuktrain Johnston, All Day Johnson, Jez, Bangasaurus Rex & The Karate Kid.
Jez got lost and partook in illegal drug use with a homeless bum, Yuktrain threw up on a stripper n paid for it and Bangasaurus Rex got a rare oriental venereal disease n also paid for it, all within 1 hour. All Day was missing in action... who knows what he secretly got up to.. (This is a normal Suit Syndicate evening)
by honest jeffery September 20, 2011
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