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An alternative to saying "Shut down". It first originated from Rangerboard when a new member named Edmund K. Lo joined. He was often ridiculed and made the butt of every joke due to his lack of basic english comprehension. He finally snapped on February 16, 2004 and posted a new topic titled " I Am Sending An Email To The FBI To Suit Down Rangerborad???". Of course, no one took him seriously and used the thread as a way to ridicule him even more. He fought back with every brain cell he had but was eventually banned from the message board. Any member of Rangerboard can now view his "Suit Down" topic and it's sequal "Tard Wars" where he briefly returned as his "Agnet Mark Jame Brown" but he eventually banned himself and the thread was used to ridicule him again.
"You not Finis me off??? I Suit Down Your Zords BITCH???"

-Edmund's last words to the Power Rangers Megazords.
by Power Bitch April 29, 2005
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