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In Doom 3, a Suicide Run usually occurs right after you have taken massive damage and are on the brink of death. With your pitiful amount of health, you decide to sprint through as much of the rest of the level as you can just to see what's there without any regard for enemies so you can be sure to pwn them when you do come to them. Then, when you die, you load your last quicksave.
Damn! That Mancubus smashed me... May as well go on a Suicide Run...
<30 seconds later> So THATS where that Hell Knight spawns...
<1 second afterwards> *Scream cut short*
by Aamoldini May 26, 2008
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In capture the flag, attempting to assault the enemy base all by yourself, resulting in death.
I was making a suicide run for the flag, but five guys playing defense fragged me as soon as I grabbed it.
by Fuzzba11 December 11, 2005
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A run before night fall, usually done with nothing reflective and while wearing dark clothes. Generally done for motivation, usually in populated areas. If not back before nightfall, the runner will be hit by a car, thus the term suicide run.
A Suicide Run, if Night fall is at 7:00, start what would be a 45 minute run in the city at 6:30 and try to get back before sunset. What a rush.
by Jlloyd50 October 12, 2009
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