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Suelee is a kind, Generous woman who is very witty and clever. She is gorgeous but not vein and she always puts others first. If your nice to her she's nice to you. If you need help she will go out of her way to help you as if it's nothing. If you fall out with her she won't say nasty things to you or talk about you to others she tries her best to make up with you and if that doesn't work she will just avoid you. She is a positive role model and always uses her manners and is polite. She is a sassy feminist and always will fight to get her point across. She is funny and flirty and never struggles making friends. Otherall she is a headstrong woman who is wonderful loud and has a great sense of humour.If you ever meet a Suelee keep her close to you and don't double cross her-she doesn't deserve it.
Girl:She's so nice and funny
Boy:She must be called Suelee
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asian stoner.
Usually mistaken for a robot.
Alfred: dude, did you see that asian back there?
Jeff: yeah, she looked like a robot.
Alfred: yeah, she looked like a suelee.
by ImNotAlfred. March 22, 2009
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