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Jewish, Christian, Gay, Straight, Dancer, Singer Sudbrook has it all! Be jealous and dont be hating! We dont have the usual type of cliques. We have performing arts cliques, then Visual art cliques, then Language cliques, then the EES cliques. But when it comes down to it everyone knows everyone else. 8th grade is the bomb, becuse you don't get shoved in the hall, you know everyone, and 6th and 7th graders like talking to them. 7th grade is awesome since your not at the bottom but your not quite yet at the top. Thats the year to just have the time of your life in this school. 6th is finding who you are and where you go. But whoever you are, you still miss the school once you leave it !
Hey you heard of Gary Tiller?
Yeah, he's awesome i heard he works at Sudbrook Magnet Middle School!
by dancergirl96 January 02, 2011
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