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Suburban-rock movement started shortly after 2002 when Taking Back Sunday released "Tell All Your Friends" a band having a sound similar to that of Thursday, Saves the Day, & The Movie Life but lacked creativity and orginality that some of those bands use to bring to the table. The record although fun and has it's moments, was quite cliche. It would directly lead teeangers to beg their parents buy them guitars with wireless packs, only to discredit many genres including; post-rock, post-hardcore, indie (which is not technically a genre), pop-punk & an extreme tarnish on emo.

The movement is still being pushed fast today and the wave is carrying "sucsessful" bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Hawthorne Heights, My Chemical Romance & The Used, and many more which can all be heard on mainstream radio, and seen on Fuse, & MTV. Drive-thru records has been pushing the movement as well, but on a smaller level. These bands all strive to sound alike and they've become extremley marketable with their prime target set solidly on 13 year old kids and 20 year olds with no taste in music. They center their music around sluts they can't get over. So just like they would bore their friends and roomates with their tired old problems they bore us with tired their music.

like all fads they pass, and are looked back at as quite humorus, only this will be a complete joke. Fall Out Boy will be played at 00's partys in ten to tweny years, and everyone will dress in bleached jeans with placed holes and patches, where white belts, scurry to their local thrift store looking for a pink hollister shirt just like people go looking for stone washed jeans, and members only jackets for the 80's party that is next Friday.

Fall Out Boy
Panic! at the Disco, aka: Fall Out Boy
Hawthorne Heights
My Chemical Romance
Taking Back Sunday
The Used
Senses Fail
and most bands on the Warped Tour.

prime suburban-rock contender.

predictable screaming, pretending to be emotional, annoying vocals and songs with the over mentionioning of; bullet, gun, shot, shoot, blood, bleed, wrist, heart, dying, tounge, dance, him, her, his, your, she, tears, burn, anything to do with fire, seasons, months, days, weeks, lie, cut, drip, black, scars, dark, fake, baby, stab, water, choke etc... etc...etc...

verse, chorus, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, verse chorus
by Scott U. April 09, 2006
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