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The modern version of the idealized 1950's house wife (see: June Cleaver). She's a stay-at-home-mom that needs day care, and a maid to free her up for lunch dates with other Suburban Princesses, and afternoons pool side. She needs a high wage earning spouse to cover her cost since she is an expense rather than a contributor to the household. Unlike her 1950's predecessor she has no useful household skills; i.e. laundry, cooking, sewing. Typically the only thing she can make for dinner are reservations. If she encounters a single working mother and mentions how hard her life is she is most likely to be jerked bald and then beaten to death by said single working mother.
"Dude are you going to marry her?"
"No, I can't afford her. She wants to be a Suburban Princess."
by redhounddog June 28, 2005
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