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A nickname for suburban girls who use the makeup line, "urban decay." The name communicates the truth of this enterprise--namely, that the only individual willing to purchase a $95 "gift set" that is intended to make you look like a prostitute is a suburban, teenage girl.

In urban areas, most females do not wish to be confused for a hooker.
Samantha lives in the suburbs. Samantha is taking the train to the city this weekend. Samantha cannot decide whether to wear red eyeshadow with dark red lipstick, or to smother her face in hot pink glitter blush for a more 'natural' look.

Unable to decide, Samantha settles on doing both.

Upon arrival in the city, a pimp approaches Samantha and requests that "ho, come get back to yo daddy."

Samantha is an example of suburban decay.
by Suburban Decay January 27, 2011
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