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An individual that bears the semblance of being a cool person, but this perception is merely a veil for their extensive douchiness. A subtle douche may take the shape of someone not generally perceived as a douche (i.e. a nerd), but may in fact use that sterotyping as leverage to assert their ill-conceived sense of self-worth. Subtle douches generally aren't as blatant in expressing their levels of douchiness, but are capable of putting forth equal to larger amounts as their more expressive cousins.
Person A: Something about his class, man, I just can't seem to get above a B on his essays.
Subtle Douche: Yeah, I don't know what is either, seems I'm always getting at least a 95%. I don't get it.

Person B: I'm doing my report on Edgar Allen Poe, how do you feel about him?
Subtle Douche: Well Poe was something of a tortured genius. Unfortunately, the way he was perceived by the public outweighs the sheer brilliance of his work. He reminds me of myself in that sense.

Person C: God, The Beatles are such a solid band. I love them so much.
Subtle Douche: Yeah, the Beatles are cool and all, but they're waaaaay mainstream. I like Mumford & Sons. They're way indie bro. Seriously, like no one knows who they are.
Person C: You're a fucking tool.
by D Stalt December 17, 2011
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