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1. The God of Chocolate. He who gave us chocolate, and made it bountiful on this Earth. Defiance of this God is thought to result in being struck by a lightning bolt of chocolate creating a pure chocolate statue of the sinner in question.

2. A word used in a situation when the speaker is unable to think of or come up with the word they were originally searching for. A common replacement for the overused "um".

3. Used when the speaker is taken aback, and is cluless in what to say, either from having absolutely no opinion on the subject, no right to speak on the subject,unable to express the emotion they are feeling in words, and/or in a total state of confusion.

4. A get out of jail free card. Can bail one out of any situation. Like a mumble, the listener chooses to hear what they want to hear. Using the word implies that you want to say what they want, letting them put the words in your mouth.
def. 1: Subobisis, please bless us this day and provide us with chocolate so our family for generations will be blissful.

def. 2:
Susie: "I just killed the neighbor's cat Sally."
Bob: "Subobisis."
Susie: "What should we do?"
Bob: "subobisis."


Emily: "I think i'm going to become a satanist. What do you think?"
Poe: "Subobisis."
Emily: "I knew you would understand!"

by Bob Alfredo Poe July 13, 2006
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