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Subnasty is derived from submariner. A subnasty can easily be spotted from a distance, especially if they are accompanied by a Master at Arms.

To spot a Subnasty look for the following qualities:

Lack of ironing, and/or unneeded wrinkles. It may look as if they balled the shirt up and stuffed it in the bottom of a laundry bag and pulled it back out the next day after dragging it behind a bus in Zimbabwe.

Often spotted wearing an unauthorized mix of different uniforms, such as coveralls with a tan belt and dress shoes and a garrison cap (true story). As well as, a dixie cup in Navy service Uniforms (khakis).

They tend to go days without shaving looking osama bin laden and dont get haircuts.

It may look as if they go out of their way to look nasty, therefor giving them the name "subnasty".

It seems as the higher in rank you go, the more nasty you are authorized to be.

The majority of subnasties shoes look as if they have been polished with a charcoal.
(Subnasty is walking down the street to the NEX wearing khakis with a dixie cup and wrinkled uniform)

Master at arms 1: Hey look at this subnasty. He's straight shitbagging it. It's shitbags like him that give the navy a bad name

Master at arms 2: Look at his shoes. They look like they've been drug in the sands of Egypt.
by subnastys are nasty September 15, 2009
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