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Submarine poop. A submarine poop is when one starts to release a poop so long that the end of said poop comes in contact with the water within the toilet bowl before detaching. Once the poop is at it's full length and detaches, the poop slips quickly and quietly into the depths of the toilet bowl; without leaving a trace of its existence. Much like the act of a submarine submerging.
When I finally arrived at home after the four hour drive I took my seat on the throne of relief and began my pilgrimage to happiness. I sat in satisfaction as I felt the poop coming out. I was alarmed at the fact that the poop was coming out, but there was no splash. I looked down into the toilet to see what was going on when I realized there was only one large poop still retreating from my body. The end of the poop entered the water... This submarine was clear to submerge. Detach! The submarine poop briskly dove into the toilet hole. Quite the spectacle.
by JimmyJayT June 17, 2017
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