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Those girls that act cutesy, innocent, and submissive/younger in order to attract the astonishing large amount of guys who are into the innocent submissive girl vibe. Have softer, higher pitched voices. Pretends to eat way less than she probably does.

Annoys girls who see right through their act.

Echoes of anime girl stereotypes.
Annie was pretending not to know what anal sex was the other day. I think she’s a sub girl cuz she only pulled that shit cuz Zion was around.

“Bitch, speak up, look me in the eye, eat a burger, laugh at a volume greater than level 2”-Said by a non sub girl to a sub girl

Did you see how she was acting like a little fucking kid and giggling and agreeing with everything he said? Yeah she’s a sub girl

Stop acting surprised as hell when I talk about sex stuff, I didn’t take you for a sub girl.
by Gottaketchemall March 14, 2019
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Its a woman you fuck when your wife or girl friend is away. Like you sub players in hockey match your subgirl lets you fill the gap when your wife away
If you wife is away you can use the sub girl
by Theres a fire in my pants February 07, 2018
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