when a girl is giving you head and you unexpectedly ram your penis as far as it will go and she will create a kodak moment stupid face
kayla was giving me head on the hill and i made her stupid face-Tyler
by OMEN April 22, 2006
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an acronym for "smelly tigers unfortified poop issuganamanala dufus freedom acne colorific eeeeeeeee"

or a stupid person w/ a face
You are a stupid face
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stupidface -- person who is Gloria and has a face exhibiting stupidation.

synonyms: stupidhead, poopbutt, Gloria, etc.
Gloria is a stupidfaced poopbutt.

Gloria exhibits classical stupidfacedness.
by Diddly March 03, 2005
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when someone is just keeps making decisions that are SO stupid they dont deserve to live.
"Hey, did you hear he's going out with that girl again, even though we ALL know it was a horrible idea from the start?"
"I know, stupidface strikes again."
by youremakingamistake! August 24, 2009
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