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The act of stretching while also using the computer application "StumbleUpon". The exercise is used by many Stumblers when they can't think of anything to look up. This also makes them think better. It is one of the best computer exercises you can think of. So if you want info at a real fast fetch, click that Stumble button and do a Stumble Stretch.
Hec: What's this weird thing? I've never seen that toolbar before.

Brad: Its called StumbleUpon. Its my favorite app! Craziest thing you've ever seen! (click the 'Stumble' button)

Hec: Wow! Everything in just one click? (groans) Oh no, I think I need some exercise.

Brad: Sure! How about a Stumble Stretch? (clicks the button and reaches for Hec's hand) Now I'm stretching your hand. See? You just click and stretch at the same time. Its easy! Everybody loves it.

Hec: Whoah! I'm a Stumbler now.

Brad: Yes, the Stumble Stretch, one of the best PC workouts around! You've joined the Stumbler Nation. See, and so did I!
by Dusty's Baby Powder December 21, 2011
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