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The careful and meticulously crafted art of ejaculating in every possible hole situated on your partner's face. The 'pumpkin' in the term refers to your bitch's large terrifying noggin and 'stuffing'... well ...

Like carving a pumpkin, care and detail in this endeavour is essential, as the task is not for the rookie or faint of heart. It has been compared to open-heart surgery when regarding its difficulty. In order to properly stuff a girl's pumpkin you must jizz in both of her ears, both nostrils, the mouth and on the eyeballs... all in one shot. Only the true master of their domain can exude the control and power needed to accomplish this sex trick. However, if performed correctly, girls instantly cream themselves.... despite the common belief...
Stuffing the Pumpkin Definition: Essentially turn your girl's face into a Picasso.

Bruh, Alicia and I got frisky last night. I was dicking her down and she asked for me to stuff her pumpkin. Of course I obliged. I got all the right spots dude. She creamed all over her thighs afterward.
by Schmo Grums December 28, 2014
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