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1. A specific combination of qualities that creates an experience of complex emotional and physical reactions simultaneously and paradoxically within the viewer. Shock, paralysis, loss of breath, increased heart-rate, woe, lust, jealously, raised endorphine levels, increased saliva production, loss of appetite, increased metabolism, euphoria, hyper-activity, and rage have all been attributed to the effect of Stuey Wooey. Like Love, one cannot know Stuey Wooey until one has experienced the effect of Stuey Wooey.
I could only have described the scene as Stuey Wooey. He was incredible...he was Stuey Wooey. I've never seen anything so Stuey Wooey in my life! To achieve Stuey Wooey is surely the holy grail of artisitc expression, be it fine art or interior design. She was the first to admit it lacked passion, and was still trying to pass it off as Stuey Wooey!
by mooselington January 06, 2011
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