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The nice and politically-correct name that Queen's University insists refers to the hundreds of student houses surrounding its campus. Those living within and around it, however, more frequently (and accurately) call it the Student Ghetto, or "The Ghetto" for short. It is home to the famous and nefarious "Aberdeen Street Party" every year at Homecoming, in which 6000+ people (mostly from out of town) cram into a 500 metre-long street.

By and large, the houses are run-down and the rent overpriced. The neighbourhood is also home to "ghetto bugs," which are really just disgusting big millipedes. Squirrels also run amok in the ghetto and do not fear humans whatsoever; sometimes entering student homes through the crappy screen windows.

Behaviour in the "Village" includes drunk 20-somethings loudly stumbling home from the bar all days of the week and frequent cries of "Ole, Ole, Ole Oleeee..." as people begin flip cup games on their front lawn. People play football on the streets. BBQs are common. The sidewalks are never paved in the winter. Drivers beware, there is a lot of jaywalking.

Some non-students do live in the so-called "Student Village," and they either adore students or hate them desperately. They live in much nicer houses than the students, because their landlords do not take unfair advantage of them.

Either way, the "Student Village" is an overly polite euphemism to prevent the University from actually having to DO anything to improve the housing conditions for the students in the area, and is used as a tool to uphold the school's Reputation, although most of the students are living in total shitholes.
Queen's University staff member: Oh hello, young student! I'm doing some PR work. Do you live in the Student Village?

Student: The what?? Sorry lady, I live in the Ghetto.
by ktowner2010 May 31, 2009
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