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The purpose of Student Advocacy Network is to assist in solving the Six Fundamental Needs of a College Student in pursuit of higher education, and to assist the college population contribute to the needs of society and their community.
Many student leaders, when they are elected, are very motivated to do things to help their students. Quite often though, they do not know what the real needs of their students really are, let alone how to solve those needs.

There are many organizations out there that try to unite student advocacy groups at some demographic or educational level (university or community college level for example). This only results in higher education advocacy groups becoming fragmented and competitive. Most of the fundamental needs of these two constituencies are really the same issues.

There is currently no organization out there that will give student leaders and advocacy groups the information they need to be successful and united on all fronts (National, State, Local, and Campus levels).

Student Advocacy Network (SAN)
was created to do just that!!!
by B Marcus September 26, 2008
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