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A phrase to refer to what happens when a person says something utterly, completely retarded and above the richter scale of dumb, that they keep going along with it, as not to admit to the dolt flabbergasts that have been displayed.
Brittney: You say it like "Kay-suh-dilla"

Carla: Listen, I'm telling you that quesadilla has silent L's.

Brittney: And I'm telling you it's different!

Carla: *laughs nervously* I know the difference.

Brittney: Are you going to shut up and listen to me? Oh my god. I knew a mexican that worked at a restaurant who told me to use the L's! Dilla is a cheese tortilla, meat and cheese is a Dia. Understand?

Carla:'re being stubbornly stupid now.
by tsunbot December 26, 2010
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