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Was the original bassist of the greatest rock group in the history of the world. The Beatles. Stu was with the band from the very beginning in 1960 during their stint as a strip club band in Hamburg Germany. He was a mediocure musician at best, and was only in the band because of the close friendship he had with group leader John Lennon. Stu played bass with the Beatles untill his unfortunate, pre-mature, and untimely death in 1962 of a brain hemorage. He was then replaced by known Beatle bassist Paul McCartney, once and for all.

Stu was also, and most significantly known as an artist, for his abstract paintings. He was also infatuated with a German existentialist/ Photographer Astrid Kercher, who met the Beatles at an early Beatle/Hamburg gig at the Kaiserkeller Club.
Stuart Sutcliffe was the bassist for The Beatles, before Paul McCartney.
by sicada July 16, 2006
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