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A Conservative die hard who's political views are on the verge of falling off the right wing of politics. He can be found saluting the queen, the red hand of ulster or having a ham shank over Maggie Thatcher. He often fantasizes over thatcher in stockings, playing doctors and nurses with harold shipman, and getting caught in y not shnecking tobin via gambit live. Overall he is a wee hun who claims he would play for northern ireland over scotland.

You often hear this chap before you see him, if you hear the following sounds you know this thug is within the vacinity:

- Glasgow Rangers Championee

- Im up to ma knees in fenian blood

- ive went duking for a bird and came up wiv a boner im my mouth

- I often look up to geoffrey leonard

- hello hello we are the billy boys

- Joseph Fritzel is a hero

- Here mate, never again

- Lets ave it

- Jog on

- I Ogreeeee
I was born under a Stuart Gray
by weeechaz March 24, 2010
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