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Stu Vac: Short for Student Vacation, Stu Vac is a short break taken before exams for the purpose of study and more usually procrastination.
"Stu Vac, traditionally known for its ability to turn apparently normal university students into caffine-guzzling, chain-smoking procrastinators..." - Honi Soit Article, Week 13, Semester I, 2006
"Stuvac: the best excuse for a piss up since 9/11" - Ibid
by Flash Ash August 11, 2006
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The term used to define the period every Australian Year 12 student goes through in which they pretend to study before final exams but in reality waste away their last weeks on MSN Messenger and watching TV.
Person 1: So what're you doing at the moment?
Person 2: Playing WoW
Person 1: Ah so you're on stuvac?
Person 2: Yeah...
by Hutchmonkey October 09, 2005
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