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A crazy little man who likes to thrust in an alarming fashion. he likes to shark and has earned himself a name as a sex pest. not one to be trusted with your decks. Interests include: ginger beard growing, piñata stealing, going to the synagogue and referring to himself in the third person.

It is common to spot him in amongst the crowd with people giving him a large berth due to his monging and thrusting ways. However his constant companion dillop often joins him in the making of sexual moves. He doesn't seem to mind the continuous stream of dribble.

Be wary of this man at all costs. He isn't aware of "personal space".
Person 1: Oh god, i've just been violated by a strutty!

Person 2: Awwww mate, thats sucks dude.

Person 3: Shit yeah i think i was raped by him!

Person 2: Nah that's just his dancing....classic strutty.
by June 05, 2010
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Someone who is “strutty” is over-dressed and/or over-styled in a vain and conspicuous manner. A strutty person is often in competition to be the most noticeable and attractive person in a group of people, regardless of time, place, propriety and good taste.
She was so strutty that she wore a little black dress, three pearl necklaces, a $3,000 weave, and spike heels to her sister's wedding.

He was so strutty that he showed up fifteen minutes late to his brother's funeral in a tailor-made Italian suit, diamond bling, and private jet.

Supermodels are paid to be strutty.

High school hallways are full of strutty teen girls.
by roxythekiller January 04, 2010
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