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As simply as you read it, struggle region. Established in the deserted 570 area where everyday is a struggle no matter what. As simple as getting out of bed and knowing there’s nothing to do, Monday through Sunday. In this so called “region” you will never have plans. You have air, no opportunity, and hope lots and lots. You drive 45 min to an hour to another deserted area with a strip mall, and if you’re lucky you will see another specimen. You have trees, land, deer, and more land. The closest grocery store isn’t even close. Struggle Region. The main #1 goal is to try and make it out of the region. When you do (if you do), no one will be mad at you if you go ghost, stop answering, etc.
Person 1: “Hey man it’s Saturday night, we worked all week we gotta do something tonight!”
Person 2: “It’s dry out here, no ones answering their phones”
Person 1: “Damn, I got work tomorrow. Imma be inside all night.”
Person 2: “Struggle Region”
by Eromle June 16, 2019
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