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1. Stretch a bitch - Verb. To stretch a woman to her breaking point or until she becomes hostile and unpleasant to be around.
2. Verb. Used by professionals in the field of plastic surgery to refer to face-lift or botox procedures.
3. Verb. Used as a meaningless response to someone explaining their problems when the other person was not listening or does not care
John - Man, did you see Nikki last night?
Mr. Fred - Yeah, Phil sure stretched a bitch when he said she looked fat.

Dr. Cho - What do you have this afternoon?
Dr. Milo - Just stretching a bitch, then I'm going to hit the club.
Dr. Cho - Hah, good man.

Nancy McBoy - I don't know what to do man, what if she doesn't like me?
Tom - I donno man... Stretch a bitch?
Nancy McBoy - Pardon?
Tom - Oh, nothing Nancy, nothing.
by Urixo January 31, 2010
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