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A Very Shitty Game Made By The Treasure Co LTD.

Stretch Panic received very mixed reviews, mostly negative. GameGo! magazine featured the game on the cover of its first issue, and gave it a rave review, while Electronic Gaming monthly gave it an average score of 4.9 out of 10. Reviewers praised its creativity but derided the simple gameplay and graphics, bland non-bosses stages, and unusual controls. The game suffered from poor sales, and quickly fell in price at retail, with Electronics Boutique selling the game for $4.99 within a year of its release.

Unlike many Treasure games, which often suffer mixed reviews, but maintain a cult status, Stretch Panic is usually considered by fans to be among Treasure's weaker efforts. Treasure's next 3D platformer, Wario World for the Nintendo GameCube, was created mostly by members of the Stretch Panic staff, and was much more commercially and critically successful.

Bob:WOW......Only Fags Play Stretch Panic!,
If Your Looking For A Good Game By Tresure Co. LTD. Play Wario World Its Awesome
by Seagulls of Satan August 01, 2008
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