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noun - any of a large variety of flavorful particles, crumbs, and dust found in and around city streets, alleyways, gutters, cracks in the pavements, and most often - the bottoms of restaurant dumpsters.

Street Seasoning works particularly well on Street Chicken, adding an earthy, street-funk-spice to the otherwise bland Street Chicken's meat: the notorious Meat of the Dirty Birdy.

Many such urban connoisseurs have been known to season their rations of scavenged food (to taste) as the composition, quality, and ratio of particles in the seasoning varies greatly from harvest to harvest.
Box Bob: So whatcha got goin' fer the Street Seasoning right there?

Street Pete: Alls I needs is 'bout 2 parts pavement-dust ta add ta mah dumpster-cheese/alley-oregano/gutter-butter, and mah seasonin's will be prime-time tip-top tasty-ness!

Box Bob: Aw man, I'm gettin' hongry just thinkin' bout it! We gots some Street-Chicken left from yestaday, and a lil' dumpster-puddin' fer dessert!

Street Pete: Oh hells yeah, pal! Let's get ta grubbin'!
by Blue Oxygen October 31, 2009
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