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Amphetamine sulphate. Often made illicitly. Street speed is much more potent, cheaper and (possibly) addictive than regular Adderall. This type of drug is much more common in Europe than in North America. Amphetamine sulphate lacks dextroamphetamine, an chemical found in Adderall. Dextro is what causes euphoria in higher doses of Adderall. As a result, street speed does not cause euphoria by default, but is known to intensify emotions (esp. happiness and aggression) greatly. On higher doses, a user may even ignore pain in certain situations.

Prices vary by location (as with all drugs). Due to it's rarity in the region, expect it to be more expensive in North America than in Europe.

Average prices are the following:

£10 = Gram
£25 = Quarter
£45 = Half Ounce
£80 = Ounce
Damn, I love getting hopped up on Street Speed!
by NotTheWalrus April 29, 2013
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