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When you live in a neighborhood where parking is woefully inadequate, you are often loathe to leave a spot, especially if it is close enough to your house to keep you from having to walk forever to get back. Leaving is a challenge, because it is no guarantee that the space or ANY will be there when you return. A Street Floater is leaving a space for a certain stretch of time, and returning to the same spot. The floating aspect, is essentially the parking space you left, it is floating in existence until your return to claim it. Note, it isn't a street floater if someone saves the space for you, leaves the space as you return, or if you block the space in any way shape or form to preserve it for later. These actions, while prudent, are not keeping in the spirit of the street floater.
I drove down to taco bell because it was late and I was starving, and when I got home I busted a MAAAAAAAAAD Street floater. the same spot was all clear when I got back.


I thought I found a street floater but it turned out to be a Spot Tease. That damn neighbor parked in between two spots again.
by Lladnek November 21, 2010
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