Popular styles of urban centres. This is a view of the streets as shared spaces, made for the benefit of all that use them.
Street culture thrives in urban centres such as New York, Barcelona, Berlin, London & Sydney. These are the places street culture is born and from there it spreads. It is modern, always pushing the limits of any set idea whether thats fashion, art, design, music or sport. It is the creative forces in the city.
Street Culture, Street art, Skateboarding, Hip Hop, ELM, EDM, Street Fashion, Hipster etc.
by ProgressiveSydney October 13, 2013
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street culture is the integrated use of space by the diverse group of people in a particular place or region, which has been developing over time, with the influence of culture of the particular place or region
Indian markets have the most breathtaking street culture
by Jack Sparrow91 August 31, 2019
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