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When you are streaming and someone who also is streaming is coming into your chat asking for a “lurk for lurk” or wanting to play with you since you have more viewers and or the same amount to gain some of your communities following. These individuals may also donate to other streamers or content creators only to seek attention or fame with success to their channel in mind. They could also lead networks or communities on twitch for only self gain like twitch communities for example “ Team emmmmsie, streamers connected, twitch kittens and others alike”
Beware of these leeches as famous leeches include “ Andy Milonakis, Greekgod, bergerplanet, all the Iceposeidon Andy’s, Dr Disrespect, Anthony Kongphan, Wadu, Shrouds “Chad”, Hampton Brandon, along with many other fake friends who seek personal gain. “ This could be used from small to big time streamers. The end result with networking with these individuals is a bad reputation with the person and or a YouTube unsub or twitch unfollow.
The only goal for these leeches is to make money off the hard work of others while not being talented to growing a community of their own.
“Man every time I keep getting passed 10 k viewers over doc he keeps messaging me about playing games? Idk what to tell him anymore it’s clear he is stream leeching off of me for personal gain “ - shroud

“Docs been trying to play fortnite with me since December” - Ninja

“Why does he have the same stream title as me what a stream leech

“This Small streamer only follows famous streamers and no other small channels or hardly any what a stream leech”
by Dangerbreed May 16, 2018
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