Strayer Middle School, where the pot is endless. Be careful turning the corners, you'll bump into a make-out sesh. Strayer is the only school without doors to the bathrooms. The best part of it all; this one middle school (out of two) is bigger than the one high school for Quakertown. Hoorah!
"Yah man, got any pot?"
"dude, we're in strayer middle school, where isn't there pot?"
"I love it here."

by pizzahutismyjam1 April 13, 2009
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The only middle school in Quakertown, where kids have threatened to burn down our school, girls have been sexually assaulted, guys are dicks, and basically everything sucks here. The faculty does nothing, therefore everyone’s out of hand. Strayer Middle School’s dress code is extremely sexist and girls get harassed and there are zero consequences. The only middle school where no one does shit if you’re suicidal or if you were harassed. even if you tell someone in the faculty either of those things, nothing happens. Strayer Middle School is a living hell hole where girls get harassed, people are suicidal, and there’s drugs everywhere but no one cares. :)
“I hate going to Strayer Middle School”

I know, it sucks here.”
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Strayer middle school..sounds nice, looks nice right? WRONG!! Strayer middle school The school where druggies go, where kids get harassed, where there’s no doors to the bathrooms, where the plumbing sucks. The staff suck at their jobs, a reports someone touching them sexually and guess what nothing happens. Strayer is where kids make bomb threats, where kids smoke weed in the bathrooms, where kids curse out the staff, where kids can do whatever they want whenever they want. The kids are out of control and the staff do nothing. I mean hell the bathrooms smell like mango juul pods because the air freshener they use.. in conclusion if you’re thinking of sending your kid here think again.. or they might turn into a drug addict like everyone else :) oh did I mention everyone talks horribly about each other too friends or not
“Strayer middle school the worst school ever.”
by I go to strayer :( September 29, 2019
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a strip club, but for minors. the only place where doors to the bathrooms don’t exist so the whole school ends up getting hot boxed. where every girl thinks that they’re hot by wearing shorts that show half their ass. where guys think that shoving underclassmen in the lockers is ‘top comedy’. but watch your step. there is the vsco girl’s moldy dunkin’ donuts on the ground. where being suicidal is trendy and having mental disorders makes you “quirky”.
“bro you went to strayer middle school?”
“yo stop i have ptsd from that place
by crackheadmack June 5, 2020
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