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The tricky task of getting head after fucking a girl on her period. Bonus points if a second girl gives you head after you fucked the first while she was on her rag......
Piece-on-the-side "B" gave Kingsize a Strawberry Popsicle after he was done riding the red tide with gf "A"
by Kingsize January 25, 2006
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The glistening result of sucking on a pink sock. Name given for the clean, strawberry-fresh appearance of the freshly sucked pink sock.

v. Strawberry Popsicled, Strawberry Popsicling, Strawberry Popsicles
The act of sucking on a pink sock (inverted rectal passage). Usually conducted by pink-socking one female and coercing another into sucking on it. An exotic derivative of ATM (Ass to Mouth).

of, suitable to, or used in Strawberry Popsicling
Sometimes, when a man loves a da butt, he pulls out really fast, revealing the pink sock, then gets said woman's best friend, Heather, to suck the shit out of the pink sock, thereby completing the strawberry popsicle!

Dude, Sally is seriously into dat strawberry popsicling shit, she sucked dat shit CLEAN!!

Dawg, you know dat bitch got a straight strawberry popsiclable ass right der!!
by B to the Z and roach November 13, 2005
Happy St. Patties Day!