when you sock a hoe in the nose and she starts bleeding, then for the milk you jiz in that hoes face
bro/guy-ill give you strawberry milk shake if you dont shut your ass up
girl-ok.... =
by chad brochill87 August 30, 2008
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The act of mixing the girl's "crimson tide" with the man's jizz and making a pink coloured "milkshake"
I made some strawberry milkshake with mandy last night and I made her drink it all before I kicked her in the face
by midget^ August 27, 2005
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A woman with a yeast infection during her period.
Susan recently became a strawberry milkshake.
by Snarfle September 22, 2007
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A sex practice in which a lactating woman mixes her milk with the blood of her period to make a delicious beverage. This recipe makes 1-3 servings.
My girlfriend made me a strawberry milkshake last night. Man do I love her cooking!
by Sventheviking March 21, 2009
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Whilst the male fornicates with the pregnant, lactating female, the male uses a sharp object to cut a small incision on the female's nipple causing both breast milk and blood to stream forth from the breast. This causes the illusion of a creamy, delicious "strawberry milkshake".
Dude, my preggo girlfriend totally let me give her a strawberry milkshake last night!
by Hoard September 29, 2008
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