When a Man ejaculates in a Womans vagina during intercorce while the female is on her period and eats her out after.
Dude.. i so totaly had a strwberry milk shake the other night!!!!
by Mike Davis April 10, 2005
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When a girl is giving you head and right when you cum pull her head towards you and it'll come out of her nose then punch her in the nose!!!!!!!!!!!!
steve: yo dude i was getting head lastnight from this chick and i gave her a strawberry milkshake and she kicked me out of her house!
mike: LMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA your fucking stupid!
by derkaman25 March 02, 2010
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when you suck the blood out of a girls vagina when shes on her period and spit it in a cup, then when your dads asleep jack him off and put his sperm in the same cup were the period blood is, mix them together till its a light red and drink it with a bendy straw
I'm thirsty for a strawberry milkshake but i have no milk or strawberry syrup; but i have a dad and a girlfriend
by wackaflamo January 09, 2011
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The act in which the male(during sex) cums in the woman's nose, and then punches her in the nose, therein creating a white/pink strawberry milkshake type liquid.
Dude, you need to control your bitch.

Bro, I gave that ho a strawberry milkshake, and she shut the fuck up after that.
by Skippy McSkankit October 09, 2006
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Strawberry milkshake is a cold drink with strawberry flavour. You can drink it almost anywhere or make it at home: there are instant ones in store. But what if you can't find/buy one?
Put a glass of milk in a pot. Add squished strawberries, they should be like a pasta. Mix well until you have a nice texture (it might take a few minutes, you can add milk if you need to). Put the strawberry milkshake in a fancy glass and done!
by thisishowtomake February 21, 2021
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