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When a man ejaculates inside a girl while she is on her period and she proceeds to fart out of her vagina (pussy), squirting out the creamy, bubbly, red and white jizzblood. Afterwards the combination of all of the substances forced out by the queef, drip down into her shit coated asshole, which works as a crust for the Strawberry Chocolate Queef-Pie and a tasty, delicious snack.
1. I was really hungry, so I fucked my girlfriend while she was on her period without a condom, so I could eat a Strawberry Chocolate Queef-Pie.

2. Thank god I waited long enough to fuck my girlfriend for both her period and the diarrhea around her asshole to dry, so I could enjoy this fine delectable that is a Strawberry Chocolate Queef-Pie.

MMMMM...Bloody Queef Cum!!
by Scott, Ben, Jesse October 12, 2007
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